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About us

Welcome to Capital Engineering Works

Established in the Year 1965, starting off with a history of inventions and techno-craftsmanship in the manufacturing field of Dam Safety instruments and Survey & Drawing Instruments, we still have a well maintained & established name in the field. From 1990s, Working under the leadership of our Proprietor Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma , we stepped into manufacturing of scientific and laboratory testing equipment, with a great zeal. Such Instruments like hydraulic and electronic soil, cement and concrete testing equipment, Meteorological&Hydrological equipment, are being widely used in the institutions and laboratories, for education and testing purposes.

CEW is a company of high-performing teams and of individual employees who are encouraged to act with an entrepreneurial spirit on behalf of customers. As a growing organization, CEW is focused on achieving the strategic vision of being the world's leading, integrated solutions provider for its scientific and technical laboratory instruments customers all along this technical continuum.

The company serves that continuum and certain other targeted markets through a wide range of businesses in its “Scien-Tech” field and Specialty Instrumentation segments.

The core competitive advantages that span these groups are advanced manufacturing and quality-control systems, superior regulatory expertise, in-depth market knowledge, extensive technical-customer support and strong R&D capabilities.

With its base in Roorkee, Uttarakhand - CEW has more than 50 major completed site work experience & also has the flexibility to address regional and even local marketplace needs.

A strong ethical thread is interwoven throughout the entire organization and consists of a firm commitment to ethical business conduct. We also take a sustainable approach to minimizing our impact on the environment, conserving energy and natural resources, and helping to improve the quality of life.

Through these and other - safety, quality and human resource initiatives, the company strives to be the Place to Go, Stay and Grow.

Our Vision

To be a trusted brand known to be a genuine, reliable, economical and safe for dealing with.

Our Mission

To strengthen our footsteps in the world of Renewable Energy and provide a better and much more efficient & economical living to the people.

Value We Hold True

People : We provide a platform for employees to cultivate, personally and professionally, high standards of work ethics. These attributes enable us to uphold our exemplary service levels and renowned hospitality, which are key to our success.

Passion:Striving eagerly to meeting customer’s needs and beyond.

Productivity:An inspirational team that is well adapted to modern governance and work principles by observing the best interests of not only new but older customers too.

Accountability:We carry out our duties to the best of our ability with no compromise on standards and customers’ expectations.

Innovation: We believe there are always better and newer ways to get things done and we intend to find it.

Company Details

Proprietor : Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma.

Address : Office & Factory – B/8-9, Industrial Estate, Ramnagar, Roorkee(247667), Distt.Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Contact: Landline - +91-1332- 263058/260068; Mobile - +91- 9897285758, 9837433001.

Nature Of Business: Manufacturing and Trading; Especially for the state and central government departments, laboratories, Government & Private Educational Institutions.

Area of Interest: Establishing a good faith and name in entire national market, by the Quality of Products, which we provide after rigorous testing of products within our premises, and providing customer friendly after sales services, now we are moving ahead with the same motive & have started working with great zeal to step into the industry for Renewable Energy production and its Management.

No. Of Employees : Permanent – 9; Temporary – 22.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 ; ISO 14001:2004 ; OHSAS 18001:2007.

Production Capacity: Our company is established in a vast area of 21,000 sq.ft.; having covered area of 18,000 sq.ft.; We have been manufacturing products of Lab Instruments from past 52 Years. We love to manufacture, assemble and supply products which we find out innovative and latest to the demands.

Product We Cover











List Of Project Instrumented By

1.Sabarmati Project
2.Man George Dam
3.Damanganga Project
4.Ukai Dam Project
5.Mukteshwar Project, Palanpur
6.Sipu Project, Palanpur
7.Dharoi Project, Palanpur
8.Guhai Project, Himatnagar
9.Harnav Project, Himatnagar
10.Jhuj Project, Chikhli
11.Kelia Project, Chikhli
12.Zhanakari Project, Surat
13.Shankara Project, Ankleshwar
14.Pigut Project, Ankleshwar
15.Lakhigam Project, Ankleshwar
16.Sidhumber Project, Chikhli
17.Watrak Project, Modasa
18.Mazam Project, Madasa
19.Aji – II Project, Rajkot
20.Und Irrigation Project, Jamnagar
21.G.E.R.I Vadodara
22.N.P. Lab. Divn.Kevadia Colony
23.NMC Lab. Divn. Vadodara
24.Hathmati Dam
25.Indershi Dam
26.Meshwa Dam

1.P.W.D Moradabad
2.Exe.Engg.Ground water Deptt.Div Kanpur
3.Office of Director, Ground water Deptt.Lucknow
4.U.P State Sugar Corp. ltd. Bijnor
5.U.P State sugar Mill Saharanpur
6.U.P State Corp. Sugar Corp. (Bulandsehar)
7.KrishiMandiSamiti, Chandausi
8.KrishiMandiSamiti, Bavroli
9.L.H. Sugar Mills ltd. Pilibhit
10.KrishiMandiSamiti, Bahjoi
11.KrishiMandiSamiti, Sambhal
12.Tikaula Sugar Mills Ltd., Muzaffarnagar

1.Salauli Irrigation Project
2.SIP Earthen Dam Division
4.Descon (panaji, Goa)
3.Ramganga Dam Project
4.Chilla Project Haridwar
5.Yamuna Project
6.I.R.I Roorkee
7.C.B.R.I Roorkee
8.I.I.T Roorkee
9.Khara Project
10.Lakhvar Project, Dakpathar
11.D.I.C., Dehradun
12.Govt. Polytechnic Pauri
13.Directorate of Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun:
14.Govt. Polytechnic Pantnagar
15.Directorate of Technical Education, Dehradun
16.Govt. Polytechnic Tankpur
17.Govt. Girls Polytechnic Almora
18.Govt. Girls Polytechnic Dehradun
19.Govt. Polytechnic Kotabag
20.Govt. Polytechnic Gopeshwar
21.Govt. Polytechnic Dehradun
22.Govt. Polytechnic Dwarahat
23.Govt. Polytechnic Goucher
24.Govt. Polytechnic Kashipur
25.Govt. Polytechnic Lohaghat
26.Govt. Polytechnic Nainital
27.Govt. Polytechnic Narendranagar
28.Govt. Polytechnic Saktifarm
29.Govt. Polytechnic Srinagar
30.Govt. Polytechnic Sult
31.Govt. Polytechnic Uttarkashi
32.Govt. Rural Polytechnic Takula
33.Govt. Rural Polytechnic Thalnadi
34.Govt. Polytechnic Kotdwar
35.Govt. Polytechnic Garur
35.Govt. Polytechnic Kaladungi
37.Govt. Polytechnic Ganaigangoli (Pithoragarh)
38.Govt. Polytechnic Ratura (Rudraprayag)
39.Govt. Polytechnic GadhiShyampur (Rishikesh)
40.Govt. Polytechnic Satpuli (Pauri)
41.Govt. Polytechnic Bironkhal
42.Govt. Polytechnic Kanda (Bageshwar)
43.Govt. Polytechnic Aamwala Dehradun
44.Govt. Polytechnic Vikashnagar
45.Govt. Polytechnic Haridwar
46.Govt. Polytechnic Bajpur(U.S.Nagar)
47.Govt. Polytechnic Barkot (Uttarkashi)
48.Govt. Polytechnic Khatima
49.Govt. Polytechnic Peerumadara (Ramnagar)
50.Govt. Polytechnic Bhimtal (Nainital)
1.Hidkal Dam Project, Belgaum
2.Upper Krishna Dam Project
3.Votehole Project
4.Harangi Project
5.Teetha Project
6.Taraka Project
7.Hemavsthi Project
8.Narikalla Project
9.Kabini Dam Project
10UduthorehallaReserviour Project
1.BolraSiul Dam Project, Tissa
2. B.R. Ambedkar Govt. Polytechnic, Una
1.College of Military Engg. Pune
2.M.E.R.I. Nasik
1.Mahi Project Banswara
2.Govt. Polytechnic College, Bharatpur
3.Irrigation Division Ramgarh Project jaipur
4.Panchana Irrigation Dam Division Karaul
    Bhopal Sagar Dam
    Maja Dam Project
    Mansarover Dam
    Morasagar Dam
     Jaggar Dam
    Dheel Dam
     Needar Dam
    Arwar Dam
    Khari Dam
    Kali Sil Dam
    Sarari Dam
    BhupalSagar Dam
     Wagon Dam
    Gadola Dam
     Mashi Dam
    Meja Dam
5.Directorate of Technical Education, Jodhpur:
    Govt. Polytechnic Devel Village, Dungarpur, Rajasthan
    Govt. Polytechnic, Karauli, Alwar
    Govt. Polytechnic ,Baran, Rajasthan
    Govt. Polytechnic Alkapuri, Alwar
    Govt. Polytechnic ,Shyorana Village
     Govt. Polytechnic, Bharatpur
1.Hirakund Research Station – Hirakund
2.Chilka Development (Bhubanesvar)
1. Kahalgaon Super Power Project, Bhagalpur
1.Maili Project, Hoshiyarpur
2.Dholbaha Dam Division Hoshiarpur
3.Jayanti Dam, Mohali
4.Punjab P.W.D. Irrigation Works
5.Mirzapur Dam, Mohali
6.Siswan Dam, Mohali
7.Patiari Dam
8.Salvar Dam
1.Bargi Dam Project, Barginagar
2.Tawa Dam Project Tawanagar
1.Bargi Dam Project, Barginagar
2.Tawa Dam Project Tawanagar
1.Bhakra Water Services Circle, Jind
2.J.L.M water service Circle No.1, Rewari
3.Bhakra Water Services Circle, Kaithal
4.Bhakra Water Services Circle, Hisar
5.Bhakra Water Services Circle, Sirsa
6.Yamuna Water Services Circle, Bhiwani
7.J.L.M water service Circle No.1, Narnaul
8.Yamuna Water Services Circle, Karnal
9.S.Y.L Water Services Circle, Canal Colony Ambala (HR)
10.Irrigation Deptt. Haryana
1.Salal Hydro Elect Project Jyotipuram
2.DulHasti HE Project Kishtwar
3.Power and Mech. Management Gandhinagar
4.Jammu Engg. College.